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The main issue we’re facing is that many aspects of our modern lifestyles are in direct opposition to some of the basic principles of our human physiology.  Many people are living inside a matrix of fluorescent lights, polluted air, metabolically disruptive foods and drinks, noise, etc.  Our modern lifestyles, pollution, high stress levels, poor diet, antibiotics, poor quality water, processed food, agricultural chemicals and lack of rest are a few of the known factors which are responsible for a wide range of common symptoms and illnesses.


Nutrition Consulting
Learn how to effectively make adjustments to your ratios of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats so that as your body and or environment changes you can adapt your meals accordingly.  

Lab Testing

Functional lab testing is the use of advanced clinical laboratory testing to assess the functions of the body’s various systems in order to identify underlying malfunctions and get to the root causes of our client’s health and wellness issues.

Exercise and Postural Programs

We evaluate a person’s musculo-skeletal structure, pain, and movement dysfunction, and then design a program to address their individual imbalances.