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Functional Medicine‍‍‍

Functional Medicine‍‍‍ testing is the use of advanced clinical laboratory testing to assess the functions of the body’s various systems in order to identify underlying malfunctions and get to the root causes of our client’s health and wellness issues.‍‍‍

Making the right lifestyle changes can often be enough to get someone feeling their best.  At other times the body may need additional support with the right nutritional supplement program.  We rely on our assessments, questionnaires, and laboratory test results to determine which supplements will be supportive for you in this process. With the combination of positive lifestyle changes and supplement recommendations based on cutting-edge laboratory testing, we can feel confident that we are providing the body with the building blocks it needs to begin functioning optimally. It is important to remember that no supplement program can bring a body into balance if certain basic physiological principles are not being met.

Each lab test serves as a window into how the body currently functions and helps us to form a clear impression of the client’s current situation so that the appropriate steps can be taken to improve and restore normal function.  In many cases, the dysfunction can be corrected if the proper interventions are made.  Which tests are ordered depends on the client’s particular condition, goals, and complaints. We use only the leading national laboratories, all of which are fully licensed and accredited. The purpose of using nutritional supplements is to give the body the internal push that it needs to be able to begin functioning optimally on its own. Not all supplements, however, are created equal.  While it may seem wise in the short term to try and purchase supplements from a local health food store, the results of such programs can be inconsistent and disappointing if the supplements are of inferior quality.  Therefore, it is in many ways more sensible both financially and in terms of achieving consistent results to use the highest quality products available.  We provide detailed information for each of the supplements we recommend, which includes a list of ingredients along with their respective scientific references from peer reviewed journals and studies.

When should I consider doing lab testing?

If you are not responding to general diet changes and supplements after 3-6 months, there may be something interfering with your ability to see and feel positive health changes. Lab testing can help us to identify underlying malfunctions in major body systems so that the appropriate interventions can be made. If you have a long history of health problems and have symptoms that remain unexplained or not properly addressed such as fatigue, weight gain, immune problems, etc., functional lab testing can help to uncover the mechanisms behind these common conditions. If you are interested in early detection or the prevention of potential malfunctions that could be taking place or on its way to taking place, lab testing can help to identify malfunctions before they become more of a problem. If you are interested in improving your performance at work or sport, fine-tuning with lab testing and supplements can help you to perform at your highest potential.

Can my medical doctor order the same lab testing for me?

Some of the blood testing we do can be ordered by your doctor, but we typically order additional lab markers not routinely tested since we are looking for functional health imbalances, and not pathology or disease, and sometimes doctors cannot or will not order the additional markers we like to see.  Other lab tests we use are almost exclusively used by alternative health care practitioners, and are often more comprehensive and technologically advanced than those used in the standard health care model.  Furthermore, many traditional doctors either cannot or will not order certain lab tests if they are not covered by insurance.

How does it work?

We will provide you with the test kits that you need. With the exception of tests that require a blood draw, you will be able to collect your test samples in the privacy and convenience of your own home. All samples are sent directly from you to the laboratory, and each home test kit comes with pre-posted mailing supplies as well as instructions on how to complete the test.  It usually takes around two weeks or less to receive test results from the lab.  Should your testing require a blood draw, we will help you arrange to have your blood drawn by a licensed medical professional in your area.  You will receive copies of all test results for your records.

We use a comprehensive questionnaire that gathers information about the client’s nutrition, lifestyle, stress, symptoms, as well as identify possible dysfunctions in the organ and glandular systems of the body.  We then help the client piece together an interpretation of their current state of health and identify potential blocking factors that are likely to be the underlying causes of their health and wellness issues.  Then with the client, we help them put together a list of all the reducing factors that will address their blocking factors so they can begin implementing positive changes in their diet, lifestyle, and stress. This initial assessment also helps us to determine the appropriate nutrition for your particular physiology using technologies such as metabolic and endocrine typing.  Metabolic and endocrine typing is the process of determining the right foods and macronutrient ratios based on your genetics, ethnicity, physical characteristics, and current environment. This helps even further to outline the specific guidelines that are recommended for each individual.

We also teach our clients the principals of functional nutrition that serve as the foundation for their health and wellness. Clients are taught how to choose, shop, dine, and eat optimally for their particular metabolic needs.  Learn which foods to eat and which to avoid, as well as when and how much to eat in order to maximize the efficiency of your own unique biochemistry. Learn how to create a relationship with your body and food, which will serve you in effectively making adjustments to your ratios of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats so that as your body and or environment changes you can adapt your meals accordingly.

This Nutrition & Lifestyle consultation includes one hour to review your paperwork and test results if you’ve provided them to us, and one hour of consultation time to report findings to you and make recommendations. During this initial consult we will go over your intake forms including the diet & lifestyle journal, health appraisal questionnaires, and lab results. Once we have formed a clear impression of your current state of health, we will work with you in order to develop a personalized action plan designed specifically to get you to your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

During the consultation, you will be provided with a prioritized list of action steps from which to choose in order to create your individualized action plan.  Each item on the action plan is selected to specifically to address the limiting factors identified during your assessment.  Also at this point we will make recommendations for supplement programs, follow up testing if needed, and for any of our other programs. Each case is unique and if more time is necessary additional consulting fees will apply.  Phone and Skype consults are also available upon request.