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Exercise Programs

We evaluate a person’s musculo-skeletal structure, pain, and movement dysfunction, and then de‍‍‍sign a program to address their individual imbalances.

Physical Evaluation

As CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) practitioners and Posturologists we evaluate a person’s musculo-skeletal structure, pain, and movement dysfunction, and then design a program to address their individual imbalances.

The physical assessment includes a structural assessment and movem‍‍‍ent analysis.  The structural assessment allows us to see how a person’s body aligns itself in a three-dimensional field of gravity so that we can examine and correct a person’s structural imbalances and asymmetries.  This is important for the simple fact that the musculo-skeletal system must have balance and symmetry in a three-dimensional field of gravity in order to be strain-free and pain-free.

The movement analysis involves examining a person’s primal movement patterns and specific movements for their work, home, or sport environment.  Primal movement patterns are squatting, lunging, bending, pushing, pulling, twisting, and walking.  These movements make up the basis of all human movements and would have been necessary for our ancestors to survive in our primal habitat.  Prior to modern times, anyone who could not perform these patterns would have a limited chance of surviving in the wild.  We focus on helping clients to achieve the primal standard and then to exceed it based on their work, home, or sport environment.

Program Design & Instruction

Our programs are designed to correct muscle imbalances, increase stability, flexibility, and strength, while also incorporating personal goals such as eliminating pain, losing body fat, increasing fitness levels, and improving posture.  Once the physical evaluation is complete, we can analyze and interpret our findings and design an appropriate exercise and stretching program that is specific to your body.  We apply a standard one-hour to program design.  Client is not present for this.

Once the program is complete at least two hours will be devoted to program instruction.  The session can run longer depending upon the complexity of the program.  During this time we will demonstrate how to safely and effectively implement the stretching and exercise program.  Pictures and video can and will be taken at this time for the client to review when later implementing the program on their own.  Photos and or DVD’s will be given to the client for their review.  In addition if a referral to a personal trainer is desired or recommended we will have them present during your program instruction so they can better help you implement the program while paying attention to your body’s specific needs.

Follow up physical assessments are recommended every 4-6 weeks in order to assess a person’s progress, address specific blocking factors, and make necessary changes to the program in order to keep them progressing.  The follow up assessment is typically shorter lasting about one hour, after which a new program design will be created and follow up program instruction will be given.

If personal training is desired directly from either Rick or Jonny it will be on an availability basis and will be charged by the hour.  Or you may choose to have us refer you to one of our qualified personal trainers to help you implement your program.