We evaluate a person’s musculo-skeletal structure, pain, and movement dysfunction, and then design a program to address their individual imbalances.

Functional lab testing is the use of advanced clinical laboratory testing to assess the functions of the body’s various systems in order to identify underlying malfunctions and get to the root causes of our client’s health and wellness issues.

Learn how to effectively make adjustments to your ratios of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats so that as your body and or environment changes you can adapt your meals accordingly.

On the whole, humanity is not particularly healthy at the moment. As a species we have more obesity, sickness, and disease than ever in recent history. Even those of us who appear healthy on the outside have chronic digestive issues, sleep problems, and feel exhausted and depressed. As a population, we are just now starting to realize that the way we live, move, think, breathe, rest, and eat all have tremendous influences over how we feel and experience ourselves and the world around us. We have found that by focusing on nutrition and lifestyle factors even 80% of the time, we can make tremendous improvements in a person's health and sense of well-being.

‍‍‍Root Cause Perspective

These guys saved my life. I was in so much pain for years. All the doctors I went to could not find anything wrong with me. Jonny looked at the imbalances in my nutrition, posture, and spirit, and I was able to tackle the root causes of my issues in the matter of months.

— Fran M.



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